Pay It Forward Crusade

You know how a little bit of something can  go a long way? Well, we’ve decided to spread a little love by paying it forward in the form of random giveaways.

Anytime you’re in the Runaway Nuns’ neighborhood, be sure to check this area for riddles, jokes, questions and maybe an occasional scavenger hunt. Participation will definitely add some sunshine and laughs to your day and it just might add something to your wallet a gift card for music or dinner or a tank of gas—-.  The games will be frequent and the giveaways, too—

This is our way of doing our part as members of our own little “pay it forward” crusade. Hopefully, you’ll catch the wave and start doing the same thing every day.


9 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Crusade

  1. a couple years ago, I started a little charity giving bikes to kids for Christmas. The idea was to encourage others to do the same,and send a picture and I’d post it. A couple people actually sent checks, and I was able to buy a couple more bikes. In two years we’ve given seven bikes to kids who likely would not have got them otherwise. I don’t update the site much, but it’s here:


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