Coffe Anyone follow-up

“Coffee Anyone” follow-up

Initially we suggested that you post your answers in the “comment” section of the page but one of our followers brought it to our attention that there may be some cheating if the answers were posted in such a public way.

Leave it to our readers to work out a glitch- we were pleasantly surprised by the number of emailed responses answers we received.

Here are the correct answers—

  1. What does Starbucks Coffee Company have in common with one of the  Super Bowl XLIX contenders?

-Seattle, Washington is the birthplace of starbucks Coffee House.

2. Which Starbucks Coffee Company has the original  store design?

-The store located at Pike’s Place Market at 1st and Pike in Seattle, WA is in the historic district

        of Seattle so changing the design has never been an option.

      3. What was the original coffee cup size used in the first Starbucks Coffee House?

-8 ounces aka short

4. What is the largest cup size used at Starbucks Coffee House?

-Trenta, which is a 31 ounce cold cup, was introduced to the U.S. in May of 2011.

5. What was the original name of Starbucks Coffee House?

-Starbucks has always been “Starbucks”. It was almost called “Pequod” which was the name of the

        whaling ship in Moby Dick but the owners decided, instead, to go with Starbucks, which was the name of 

        the Pequod’s first mate.

****(winners drawn on Friday- February 6th)

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