It’s Gonna Be A Golden Day!

We take pride in being optimists and we actually try each day to spread a little happiness. This page is dedicated to all the pessimistic folks out there who really need to drop kick their “inner Eeyores” to the curb. I think that we optimists, as a unit, can pull together to help make the world a happier place—So optimists, as you pass through these hallowed halls, stop by and drop a little happiness for our pessimistic counterparts.

~ better days are coming by and by~


Because I'm Happy!!!
Because I’m Happy!!!

11 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be A Golden Day!

      1. Wow!!! I am envious. I have some with Great Danes on them, I am especially fond of polka-dotted ones and argyles in really bright colors!!!!


      2. There is a place in Carmel (California) – I don’t know where you reside – but they have the most scrumptious polka-dotted cashmere socks. I love them. And… they have tons of socks with puppies on them!!!


  1. An optimist met a pessimist who had a scowl look on his face. The optimist smiled, the pessimist just stared and said nothing. The optimist started to giggle, the pessimists faced changed to a curious look. “What are you giggling about”? The optimist started to laugh, the pessimist smiled, “what”?. The optimist burst into a loud belly laugh. The pessimist started to laugh heartily, in between laughs the pessimist asked, “what? please tell me what is so funny. At this point, they were both laughing hysterically. “Please tell me”, begged the pessimist in between breaths. The optimist finally answered, “just chasing your blues away, isn’t it a beautiful day”?
    “Yes, yes it is, thank you”.
    Moral; A smile goes a long way……have a great day. ☺☺☺☺☺


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