We take pride in being optimists and we actually try each day to spread a little happiness. This page is dedicated to all the pessimistic folks out there who really need to drop kick their “inner Eeyores” to the curb. I think that we optimists, as a unit, can pull together to help make the world a happier place—So optimists, as you pass through these hallowed halls, stop by and drop a little happiness for our pessimistic counterparts.

~ better days are coming by and by~


Because I'm Happy!!!
Because I’m Happy!!!


      1. Wow!!! I am envious. I have some with Great Danes on them, I am especially fond of polka-dotted ones and argyles in really bright colors!!!!


      2. There is a place in Carmel (California) – I don’t know where you reside – but they have the most scrumptious polka-dotted cashmere socks. I love them. And… they have tons of socks with puppies on them!!!


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