For the love of music

So the youngest  member of the crew (human member that is) has discovered classical music. See, coming from a family of music lovers, that’s not so unusual, but this little person has never really been exposed or formally introduced to this genre. Imagine the surprise when asked “Don’t you just love classical music? Just listen, isn’t it beautiful?”.  The replies ranged from “yes? It’s beautiful” to “who listens to that” and  “sure, but could you turn it down some”, and from a ten year old visitor came “are you a kid? What kid listens to classical music?”  Keep in mind we are not a traditional crew (by any means).

At any given time, you might hear a guitar being strummed (Groupon offers online lessons for a very affordable fee) or the sweet melodic sounds of a clarinet  (thank God the books still have pictures). There may be someone picking out a song on the keyboard and if you’re really lucky you may even hear some beautiful vocal sounds accompanied by a saxophone, harmonica or even a ukulele  Anyway, since this up and coming musician is now into the classical sounds any suggestions on artists or songs? FullSizeRender-2

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