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“Auntee EM”

Our OBT for today has to be the phone call we received tonight from an aunt who just finished her last bit of radiation last week. She called to thank us for a batch of pralines we surprised her with on last Saturday and to share an experience with us in which, while doing a good deed, she received a good deed. As she was headed out to pick up some ladies from the church to take them to the food pantry she had a flat tire. Luckily she was able to “limp” the car along to a gas station. Just before she made it to the air pump a police officer pulled in ahead of her to air his tires. She said that she waited her turn patiently inside her warm vehicle (she lives in Chicago so go figure on the temperature), and to her surprise, when the officer finished with the air hose he immediately walked over and put air in her tire. After thanking the officer she made a mental note to “pay it forward” in some way that day.

What a beautiful world we live in——

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Doing what we do

We don’t normally talk about our “good deeds” but this one is definitely worth sharing… So this morning after paying for our breakfast at Hardee’s drive thru we decided to pay for the man in line behind us.  Much to our surprise we were basically flagged down a mile (and several stop signs and turns later) by the man we’d “treated”. He thanked us repeatedly, and told us he owned a (very profitable) business here in our town and that he would definitely pay it forward today in a very big way to someone else…and so the crusade continues…