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…but I still have all my teeth!

Thoughts before getting out of bed this morning and after thanking God for waking me

(Numbered but not necessarily in order)

1. I’m so stiff

2. I need my glasses

3. It’s cold in here

4. My back hurts

5. I wonder if allergy shots would help with this congestion

6. I have an earache

7. Why does my hand keep going to sleep?

8. That’s odd… My shoulder is hurting

9. What happened to the socks I had on

10. I wish my bladder was bigger

My phone just rang and I answered it -I think- so..,

1. I’m not dreaming (at least I don’t think I am) and

2. I wish my bladder…

I’m laughing out loud because in the past I always felt that I’d become more like my mom as I aged but by George I think I’ve actually past her BUT I still have all my teeth!!!

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Happy Sunday my lovelies – lets go out and make it great day- in spite of it all—-