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Prompt: Share the Highlights

Prompt: Share the highlights of either your morning (…. Folgers In My Cup),  your afternoon (Lunch On Me),  or your evening (Dinner Is Served) in list form and in 100 words or less  give or take a couple of words


Folgers In My Cup….

  1. woke up before my alarm went
  2. fell asleep and overslept
  3. discovered a brown dove sitting in a hanging flower pot at my front door- looking at me from about 2 feet away
  4. made it out of the house without being attacked
  5. discovered I had the wrong keys and had to go back inside
  6. made it in … and out… again
  7. looked up and saw the dove and 6 of its friends watching me
  8. freaked when my 10 year old said that doves attacked the tallest people first
  9. crawled across the street to my truck
  10. got gravel in my knees and dirt on my pants