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5 photos, 5 days, 5 silly stories, poems, paragraphs or “whatevers”

Ok, on Thursday I was invited to participate in the 5 photos in 5 days Challenge; many thanks to Dorne over at dorneawhale wordpress for the invite. You should go over and check her out. She’s and awesome writer.

The rules are simple:

1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive days.

2) Include a story which can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to you.

3) Nominate another blogger to pick up the torch and carry out the same mission – if he or she so chooses.

and here is my first of 5: (and a silly little dilly to go with it)



Hello honey, come in and have a seat

Let me fix you a big ole plate of alligator meat.

Now if you’d rather not, we got boiled crawfish in the back.

You can pinch the tails and suck the heads if for that you got the knack.

Oh you got a bigger hunger

want some shrimp and peas and beans?

You better pull your tee shirt out

And unbutton them there blue jeans!

And I officially nominate…. my new blog friend Twinkle Spark.


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WalMart, is that you?

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - MAY 11:  Night settles in on a 24-hour Wal-Mart May 11, 2005 in St. Louis County, Missouri. Wal-Mart, America's largest retailer and the largest company in the world based on revenue, has evolved into a giant economic force for the U.S. economy. With growth, the company continues to weather criticism of low wages, anti-union policies as well as accusations that it has homogenized America's retail economy and driven traditional stores and shops out of business.  (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Ok… so last night we went into a WalMart Super Center we’d never been in before. Oh my goodness… we were tempted to walk back outside to look at the building signs to be sure it was actually a WalMart. Now before we share the strangeness of our visit, let me set the stage: 1- it was a Friday night and 2-  it was after 11 p.m.

So here’s what we experienced/were exposed to:

1.  There were so many people in there it seemed like an after Christmas sale day.

2.  It was so noisy the building had a constant hum going on.

3.  Most of the people in the store were between the ages of 4 and 18.hqdefault

4.  Approximately half of the occupants were wearing socks- mismatched socks- without the benefit of shoes to cover them.

5.  The attire for the evening, among the male and female patrons, demonstrated a dire need for the purchase and distribution of belts and clothing (in general) made of larger pieces of fabric.

6.  When we approached and asked a young lady (who was wearing an employee name tag) for assistance in locating an iron, we were told, and I quote “they over there somewhere with the ironing boards”.

7.  The electric wheelchairs should have had signs attached saying “For Entertainment Purposes Only” because they were being used by young people as scooters or bicycles or something

…coming soon to a WalMart near you…lol


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Prompt: Share the Highlights

Yesterday’s Recap;


2.  had lunch with my coworkers

3.  said farewell to some great friends who are moving on to greener pastures

4.  drove past a pasture full of old nags

5.  thought of the folks retiring this year

6.  realized I can retire next year

7.  thought of the pasture full of old nags (hahahahaha)

8.  pulled weeds from my flower beds

9.  vowed to use lawn cloth next year

10.  thought of Tarzan after writing #9

(lawn cloth… loin cloth…you know, Tarzan’s attire… get it? oh never mind!)

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Prompt: Share the Highlights

1.  tried to teach my little girl’s dog to jump off the bed

2.  little dog tried to jump into my arms, missed me completely and hit the floor

3.  laughed until I cried

4.  all progress with the little dog flew out the window

5.  the little dog refused to come near me all evening

6.  didn’t trip over the little dog

7.  went to dinner and saw “Picture Perfect 2” with my favorite girls.

8.  laughed out loud throughout the movie

9.  almost peed my pants while laughing (I gotta get that checked)

10.  vowed to get “that” checked

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Prompt: Share the Highlights



1.  woke up to birds tweeting

2.  realized I’d slept with the window open

3.  panicked after seeing a lizard on the window sill

4.  slammed the window shut…on my finger

5.  forgot about the lizard

6.  ran to my truck in the rain

7.  slipped in a mud puddle

8.  ran back in to change

9.  thought about the lizard

10.  decided that the mud look was in until the lizard was out and drove on in to work

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Prompt: Share the highlights

Prompt: Share the highlights of either your morning (…. Folgers In My Cup),  your afternoon (Lunch On Me),  or your evening (Dinner Is Served) in list form and in 100 words or less  give or take a couple of words

… Folgers in my Cup…coffee-and-breakfast1

  1. misplaced one of my socks
  2. found my sock in my daughter’s dog’s kennel, wet and with 4 new holes
  3. dropped my earring in the toilet
  4. wished I had closed the toilet lid
  5. tripped over my daughter’s dog and bumped my head on the door
  6. wished my daughter didn’t have a dog
  7. locked myself out of my house
  8. found an unlocked window and climbed through it to get back in
  9. wished I was 50 pounds lighter and the window was 6 inches wider
  10. also wished those vertical blinds that fell on my head as I was climbing in were vinyl and not wood