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Different yet the Same

Different Yet the Same


mom plus mom

sittin’ in a tree…



alarm clock, tick tock

pillow and sheet

rise and shine, say your prayers

socks- happy feet

cereal, oatmeal

grits and toast

water, juice

coffee- dark roast

hurry, hustle, lock up

work flow, school

business, bills, teachers

tool box- tool

dance, tennis

karate and voice

basketball, piano

active- choice

dishes, turnip greens

chicken and cheese

flatware, pots and pans

family time- please

night cap, curtain rod

pajamas and nails

toilet paper, shampoo

shower curtain- sails

alarm clock, tick tock

pillow and sheet

on your knees, say your prayers 

angels to greet- 



mom plus dad

sittin’ in a tree



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Beautiful Things

Each day as we add content to our blog, we also add followers. We often take breaks from our crazy -rip and run- days to check in. Imagine how excited we are when we see that someone has taken the time from his or her life to stop by and check us out. Our readers and our followers provide us with everything from motivation and encouragement to laughter and love. Having said that, from time to time, we will feature ideas on our blog that someone has shared with us (with their permission of course). This evening that idea comes from Donna over at My OBT (One Beautiful Thing). We started following Donna less than 24 hours ago, and we were so impressed with her that we had to share her idea. Long story short, in an effort to reduce the stress in her life, Donna made the personal decision to look for at least one beautiful thing every day. This idea sounds like the perfect way to reduce stress. Who can remain uptight when they’re constantly on the lookout for that ONE beautiful thing?

Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns is onboard and up to the task- are you?

Our “OBT” for today….

Untitled design

(we encourage you to follow Donna’s blog -My OBT- for the full story)