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Hours of operation

I truly enjoy making candy during the holiday season, and one of my faves is pralines or pecan candy. Unfortunately, pecans have been hard to come by this year in my neck of the woods, but thanks to google I was able to locate a distributor in a neighboring state; so I left work this evening at 4:30 and drove 25 miles out of town, during rush hour traffic, in order to reach a pecan distributor before they closed for the evening. Based on the info posted on the website, the hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. which actually gave me about an hour to arrive, which I did with 29 minutes to spare. Unfortunately, my 5:01 p.m. arrival was met by a locked door and a 9-5 -hours of operation-  sign posted on the front door. My editor in chief (EIC) immediately removed her cellular device from her purse to verify the internet posted hours.When she was satisfied that we had not been mistaken, she made phone contact with the store owners, who were very likely exiting through the back door, as I tried to enter through the front. She was very polite and cordial as she asked if the store was in fact closed. After being told “yes, we close at 5”,  EIC advised the store owner that the hours posted on the website were apparently incorrect. Here’s the interesting part, the owner said “people do that”; and here’s my question… what the hell does that mean? I drove 25 miles out of my way, in what is commonly known around these parts as “shipyard traffic”, to be told “people do that”. Really? I mean seriously, is this real life?




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Homemade Pralines

Recently, we’ve had several people request that we brew up a batch of our “famous” homemade pralines – so we decided to oblige them. The recipe we use is one that has been tweeked and re-vamped so many times over the years that we’re unsure where it started or what the original measurements or ingredients were…but we’ve managed to settle on something that’s amazingly delicious. We use an old dutch oven that has been in the family for many generations and we look for the freshest pecans on the market ensuring a praline that’s velvety smooth and chock full of pecans.




Be sure and check back tomorrow for a look at the finished product~