My First Challenge—love/hate




Evening everyone, I’ve been chosen by the talented blogger/photographer Rich over at  wafflemethis to participate in the love/hate challenge. Go over and give him a browse, he’s got some awesome photographs that you’re sure to like!

Ok, so here are the instructions:

List 10 things I love and 10 things I hate – then nominate 10 fellow bloggers to do the same-

…ok here are 10 things I love

  1. my girls
  2. my family
  3. writing
  4. working in my yard
  5. scary movies
  6. scaring my girls
  7. sunny days
  8. designing and building “things”
  9. reading
  10. hanging out with my girls

…and 10 that I hate

  1. squash
  2. dishonest people
  3. being stuck inside on rainy days
  4. sleeping past 7 on sunny off days
  5. cold showers
  6. cold weather
  7. constant humming
  8. paranoid people
  9. mean people
  10. guys who sag their pants

And the nominees are…


5 by 50

5 by 50

(5 characteristics that are almost a shoe in when you reach 50)

Reality Check 1-0-1

1. on eyeglasses and arms:

thicker lenses AND longer arms

2. on laughter and bladder control:

the more you laugh the more you leak

3. on getting out of bed and standing up straight…

the quicker you stand the quicker you wish you hadn’t

4. on breasts and gravity

your tits and the floor are in a constant tug of war

5. on joint pain…

where there’s a joint there’s very likely to be a pain

smooches folks—————————————————————–

…and the correct answer is…

Daily riddle answers….

1.  boxed in—– a frame

2.  feeling blue—–breath

3.  take a guess—–ceiling fan

4.  here we go #4—-smile

5.  plans to fruition—– a bathroom scale

6.  one last clue——-a sock

7.  bounce bounce bounce—– a diving board