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5 by 50

5 by 50

(5 characteristics that are almost a shoe in when you reach 50)

Reality Check 1-0-1

1. on eyeglasses and arms:

thicker lenses AND longer arms

2. on laughter and bladder control:

the more you laugh the more you leak

3. on getting out of bed and standing up straight…

the quicker you stand the quicker you wish you hadn’t

4. on breasts and gravity

your tits and the floor are in a constant tug of war

5. on joint pain…

where there’s a joint there’s very likely to be a pain

smooches folks—————————————————————–

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Baby Elle

Ok, we have an adorable 4 month old goddaughter. She has blue eyes, gorgeous dimples and a beautiful little smile. Her mom dropped her off to spend a little time with us this evening. Unfortunately, our little princess cried for  30 – 45 minutes, non stop, prior to her mother returning. Why did she cry for such an extended period of time? Cereal! Her mom is attempting to introduce her to rice cereal. Apparently it’s either not agreeing with her little tummy or her parents are putting wayyyy too much in her bottle. Now, back to the crying… after trying everything from rocking her to taking her for a walk in her stroller I decided to go “old school”. I went into the bathroom and turned on the blow dryer. Within about two minutes the crying stopped and in about 20 minutes the baby was asleep on my shoulder. Who comes up with these ideas? I don’t know but I’m glad they shared that one!

Thanks for reading and feel free to pass this little helpful tip along to any and all of your young parent friends and colleagues.

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NaPoWriMo Day 7

The following is an excerpt from the  NaPoWriMo prompt for day 5—…”Love poems are a staple of the poetry scene. It’s pretty hard to be a poet and not write a few – or a dozen – or maybe six books’ worth. But because so many love poems have been written, there are lots of clichés. Fill your poems with robins and hearts and flowers, and you’ll sound more like a greeting card than a bard. So today, I challenge you to write a “loveless” love poem”.

Here is my poem:

  Goes Without Saying

Who does things this way?

This can’t be real life
No pain no heartache
No equivocal strife
Beautiful, encompassing
Strengthening with time
Circumventing hard spots
With moves of a mime
Binary bliss
A harmonious duet
Exhilaration unparalleled
Euphoria’s silhouette