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Looking for an opinion…

Looking for an opinion and I apologize up front if this offends anyone. (By the way if you are in fact offended, then obviously, you’re one of those people I’m referring to and you’re apparently not smart enough to read between the lines and grab this constructive criticism by the horns and ride it’s ass to the ground)… which is what I think I’d do… but I’m not the one on the other side of this keyboard, am I?

Ever heard someone say, “know what I’m saying”, when conversing? I happen to have several friends who use that question.. or statement… or whatever the hell part of the English language it is. Now in true sarcastic form, which happens to be my chosen form of speech, I often respond by saying “uh-huh” knowing damn well I not only don’t know what they’re saying, I don’t even give a shit at that point. When the first “know what I’m saying” comes out, I know that there are several additional grammatical murderS to follow- so I check the hell out.

Living my life like it’s golden……

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5 by 50

5 by 50

(5 characteristics that are almost a shoe in when you reach 50)

Reality Check 1-0-1

1. on eyeglasses and arms:

thicker lenses AND longer arms

2. on laughter and bladder control:

the more you laugh the more you leak

3. on getting out of bed and standing up straight…

the quicker you stand the quicker you wish you hadn’t

4. on breasts and gravity

your tits and the floor are in a constant tug of war

5. on joint pain…

where there’s a joint there’s very likely to be a pain

smooches folks—————————————————————–