A Message to the Intruder Who Shall Remain Nameless for Obvious Reasons:

When you rushed into my office and slammed your hand down on my desk, I simply asked if you were ok. When you stormed around my desk with that crazy look in your eyes, I simply stood to meet you. When you said “If I want to whip somebody’s ass, I’ll tell them” then you winked at me, I simply decided where you would land if I, were in fact, the owner of the ass you wanted to whip.

  1. You were smiling the entire time; therefore, I didn’t know what to believe: the words spewing from your mouth, the crazy ass look on your face, the way you winked when you made the “whip ass” comment or the fact that you said you started to call and tell my mother on me.

(WTF is the deal with folks thinking it would be a good idea to “tell on me”? OMG! My mom is NOT going to side with you nor is she gonna chastise me! “I already been raised one time by my mama, and I think she did a helluva job- you know what I’m sayin”?—LOL)

  1. You knew that I would remain calm, either because you know I respect my boss or because you THINK you’re crazier than I am.

You seemingly got it together and left my office—

The following notes are simply intended as words of advice – not to be taken as threats, but definitely intended to be respected.


  1. When you come into my office- come in peace!
  2. Get yourself together!
  3. It’s time for you and the person you’re bothered by to have an intervention!

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