Laughing at myself!

Got out of the shower thinking it’s time to rearrange and de clutter.  Then I immediately thought about the pool and the fact that I’d started cleaning and refilling it but have yet to finish. I also remembered that Little Bit’s bedroom was in mid- rearrangement mode and that I had only mopped half the house tonight.

This is the conversation with myself that followed those thoughts:

Me: lemme think…where should I start?

Self: my bedroom

Me: I need to finish the

Self: no I don’t!

I laughed out loud!

Hell, talk about ADHD- I can’t even complete a sentence in a conversation with myself without losing focus- no wonder so many things are half done around here!

10 thoughts on “Laughing at myself!

  1. I’m a half done kind of person too, luckily I only have myself to look after. I still get annoyed with myself for it all though. I imagine myself as one of those house proud ladies who zips around the house and has all her chores done by 11.30am – then I….yeah in my dreams!! 😀 It’s a nice mind image I have of myself anyway! 😉 I’m sure we’re quite normal. A lot people just don’t want to admit life is not like that.


  2. I really wouldn’t worry too much….at least until you start losing arguments to yourself. When that happens…whoa! 😉


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