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Since the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to strike down bans on same-sex marriage nationwide, my social media timelines have been inundated with comments and posts relating to this matter. I’ve seen some for, some against and some who couldn’t care less. I totally agree that each person is entitled to his or her opinion and I also agree that everyone has a right to share that opinion. What I don’t agree with is the fact that homosexuality has become the only wrong sin.

This frustrates me so much so that after reading a post shared by a FB friend in which he did the old…”I don’t agree, but I love Cousin Johnny anyway”, I decided that it was my turn to speak up, speak out and speak long and loud!


1.  This is my personal opinion and this is my personal blog.

2.   The fact that you may disagree with me is of no real relevance to me (as my opinion is of no relevance to you).

3.   I welcome all comments and encourage each of you to feel free to post in the comments section

In the original post I addressed my FB friend by name but for purposes of this blog he shall be nameless:

Hi ——–, I love you as a fellow human, as my brother in blue and the fact that you regularly show and share your love of God is a welcome plus in my opinion – and another reason why I love you, my friend! Let me get to my point…I think there are millions of people who are missing/avoiding/ignoring one of the most important issues of all here.. Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE- walking God’s green earth deserves to be respected and have their rights to live, laugh and love respected! What gives anyone the right to say where the line is drawn? Is there any difference between two men being in a monogamous, loving, RESPECTFUL relationship and a man and woman who are married?… Let’s sweeten the pot…. that married man does all he can to get a woman, other than his wife, to accompany him to his hotel room and into his bed… Do you really think God is keeping score like that? Man with man -negative 0; man with woman +10— oops wait— she’s not his wife… better subtract a few points for that…

From what I’ve been taught, we are all sinners and, although we all have burdens to bear, none of us have the burden (or the right) to decide who goes where after death! Yes, each one should teach one BUT yes, each one should sweep around his and her own front door first, last and always!

P.S. You mentioned that you love your friends and family members who are gay and just because being gay is the lifestyle they “chose” you love them no less… People CHOOSE to lie, steal, CHEAT, commit adultery, covet thy neighbors wives or husbands…etc. and when caught there are various consequences.

Answer this: How many of these consequences, in any way, compare to being ridiculed, taunted, hated by millions, treated as an outcast, mocked, treated with contempt, scoffed at, despised, etc. on a daily basis – forever? Now answer this: which of your “friends or family members” (the ones who are gay) are you calling a stupid, dumb ass, mentally challenged, effing idiot-  because surely that’s what they’d have to be to “choose” to endure all of that! I’ve met so many people in my life, heterosexual and homosexual, that I’ve forgotten who some of them are, but I’ve never met anyone who “chose” to be gay.

Love you my brother!




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39 thoughts on “LGBT Woes

  1. Great post, you make wonderfully logical statements. You are right, who in their right mind would choose a life of pain and ridicule. As the father of gay sons they are who they are, they didn’t come to me and say I have a choice to make.

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  2. We are debating this issue in Australia. I’m a Christian who is not opposed to same sex marriage. There are lots of things that God opposes that are legal under man’s law … like worshipping any God, adultery, lying, greed and … Judgement. Why people choose the GLBT issue and none of the others to make a stand on speaks volumes. Nice post!


  3. Wow! Absolutely fabulous! A lesbian friend many years ago said, “Do people really think we “choose” something that has brought on so much public grief and interference? It is not easy…if I had a choice, I would choose to not have to work so hard to love whom I love.”

    I am happy to report that she and her sweetheart (both Jewish) were married last year by our Episcopal priest, after a partnered relationship lasting much longer than many straight marriages do. – Fawn


    1. By the way, we’ve received numerous positive comments. We realize everyone won’t be in agreement but we’d like to share these thoughts with as many people as we can. Our goal is to help educate so if at all possible please reblog for us!


    1. By the way, we’ve received numerous positive comments. We realize everyone won’t be in agreement but we’d like to share these thoughts with as many people as we can. Our goal is to help educate so if you can join us in our quest please reblog this post.


  4. That was put perfectly. A great point against people who say people choose to be LGBT, and I just loved it.


    1. Thank you. We’ve received numerous positive comments. We realize everyone won’t be in agreement but we’d like to share these thoughts with as many people as we can. Our goal is to help educate so feel free to reblog (please :)!


  5. On Facebook, when I posted my positive take on the results of the vote in Ireland to legalise same-sex marriage, I asked those in disagreement to please not comment on my post, but rather to leave their comments for their own pages. They respected my request, to my surprise and their credit. Another position seems to be that being gay or transgendered is a sin overlooked by bighearted, forgiving people. Excuse me? I don’t see either as being a sin, so those who say, “I love you even though you’re gay/transgendered” can’t comprehend my position at all. It’s about as nonsensical as someone saying, “I love you even though your eyes are brown.” How big of them to love you even though their preference is for green eyes. I have to remind myself of their upbringing and religious choices in order to be able to comprehend their position at all. It doesn’t mean that I agree with it, but it provides me with a foundation from which to have compassion for them.


  6. If you’d like to reblog my comment, I’d like to clean it up a bit. Below is what I feel is a better rendering of my opinion, somewhat longer than what I felt would be acceptable for a comment:

    When the Republic of Ireland voted over 62% in favour of legalising gay and lesbian marriages, I posted my delight with the outcome on Facebook. Knowing that some of my Christian FB friends had strong opposing feelings, I asked that those who disagreed with my post not comment on it, but rather post their opinions on their own pages. To my surprise and their credit, they respected my request. I also refrained from commenting on their posts, other than to clarify some confusion.

    When the Supreme Court 5-4 ruling that States cannot ban same-sex marriages was announced, for example, many Americans felt that pastors and priests needed legal protection from being forced to perform same-sex marriages. I commented on one such post, explaining that the ruling simply guaranteed same-sex partners the same legal benefits, rights, and privileges as those enjoyed by heterosexual couples. I reassured them that in no way did the decision pose a threat to the rights of religious groups. (To my knowledge, the only Christian church that practices religious same-sex marriages and the ordination of homosexuals is the United Church of Canada. Even a pastor of this church, however, can’t be forced to perform such a ceremony if it goes against his/her conscience.)

    I’ve also read claims that the United States was founded by its forefathers to be a Christian nation, a belief that’s ludicrous and completely unfounded. The United States Constitution is a secular document that protects, among others, the rights of Christians and other groups to practice their religion; however, in no fashion can it be construed to be based on Christian doctrine. Nonetheless, there seems to be a growing belief that the American government should reflect and uphold Christian values only.

    Frankly, despite being brought up as a Christian, I don’t view homosexuality as a crime, a mental illness, or a sin. Whom, after all, does it harm? Those who say, “I love you even though you’re homosexual” clearly don’t comprehend this position at all. To me, such a statement is as nonsensical as saying, “I love you even though your eyes are brown.” How big of them to love you even though their preference is for green eyes! I have to remind myself of the upbringing and religious choices of such people to comprehend their position. It doesn’t mean that I agree with it, but it provides me with a foundation from which to understand and have compassion for them. It enables me to say to some of my friends, “I love you even though you’re bigoted.” They are, of course, entitled to their opinions; and, if they wish to remain my friends, they will allow me mine.


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