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5 photos, 5 days, 5 silly stories, poems, paragraphs or “whatevers”

Ok, on Thursday I was invited to participate in the 5 photos in 5 days Challenge; many thanks to Dorne over at dorneawhale wordpress for the invite. You should go over and check her out. She’s and awesome writer.

The rules are simple:

1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive days.

2) Include a story which can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to you.

3) Nominate another blogger to pick up the torch and carry out the same mission – if he or she so chooses.

and here is my first of 5: (and a silly little dilly to go with it)



Hello honey, come in and have a seat

Let me fix you a big ole plate of alligator meat.

Now if you’d rather not, we got boiled crawfish in the back.

You can pinch the tails and suck the heads if for that you got the knack.

Oh you got a bigger hunger

want some shrimp and peas and beans?

You better pull your tee shirt out

And unbutton them there blue jeans!

And I officially nominate…. my new blog friend Twinkle Spark.



Hi, is this an odd name for a blog or what? We'd actually prefer it to be known as a peaceful, magical and mystical spot. It's a spot where you can stop in for a daily dose of love and laughter sprinkled with a bit of chaos, confusion and lunacy. You can get great recipes and cooking tips, as well as drilling and building ideas. Who does that? Who knows their way around the kitchen and around the tool shed? Well, I guess that's part of what'll make this blog so interesting - that and the brief glimpse you'll get into a very elite and exclusive lifestyle - one that supports a "never a dull moment" and "everything ain't for everybody" attitude. By the way, remember to keep an open mind (no judging or finger pointing), a watchful eye (be on the lookout for random giveaways), and a positive -pay it forward-attitude (everybody could use an occasional leg up). Now I know it sounds easy, but don't get it twisted, this "dance ain't for everybody", it's not always a bowl full of cherries, but we make the best of it by drinking a whole lot of lemonade and by praying daily for peace, patience and understanding; after all, we woke up like this!

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