Prompt: Share the Highlights

Yesterday’s Recap;


2.  had lunch with my coworkers

3.  said farewell to some great friends who are moving on to greener pastures

4.  drove past a pasture full of old nags

5.  thought of the folks retiring this year

6.  realized I can retire next year

7.  thought of the pasture full of old nags (hahahahaha)

8.  pulled weeds from my flower beds

9.  vowed to use lawn cloth next year

10.  thought of Tarzan after writing #9

(lawn cloth… loin cloth…you know, Tarzan’s attire… get it? oh never mind!)

2 thoughts on “Prompt: Share the Highlights

  1. 1. SCHOOL”S OUT!!!
    2. Got up, went to take my son to work
    3. He is off to today…forgot to tell me.
    4. Met a friend for breakfast
    5. Forgot my glasses (all 6 pair~Fred Sanford)
    6. Went to PSD central office for name change…no glasses.
    8. Went on to summer job; SUMMER CAMP IS IN, on my smurf!
    9. Sat in truck…want a day off…deserve it…oh my smurf!!!
    10. Call in sick from my truck; came home, yyeeaaahhhh!!!!!!


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