Thoughts before getting out of bed this morning and after thanking God for waking me

(Numbered but not necessarily in order)

1. I’m so stiff

2. I need my glasses

3. It’s cold in here

4. My back hurts

5. I wonder if allergy shots would help with this congestion

6. I have an earache

7. Why does my hand keep going to sleep?

8. That’s odd… My shoulder is hurting

9. What happened to the socks I had on

10. I wish my bladder was bigger

My phone just rang and I answered it -I think- so..,

1. I’m not dreaming (at least I don’t think I am) and

2. I wish my bladder…

I’m laughing out loud because in the past I always felt that I’d become more like my mom as I aged but by George I think I’ve actually past her BUT I still have all my teeth!!!

Untitled design-3

Happy Sunday my lovelies – lets go out and make it great day- in spite of it all—-


      1. I dont well soon wont have all of my adult teeth. I have to get wisdom teeth pulled. Good for you, though. I wish my mouth was still awesome haha


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