10 things that truly make me happy:

So it’s time for us to change things up just a bit. This is an idea I got from a fellow blogger.

10 things that truly make me happy:

  1. listening to my daughter’s stories about the idiots she encounters on the train each day
  2. sarcasm: whether I’m the deliverer or the receiver of it
  3. watching scary movies that make me scream so loud that my mother can hear me outside my house
  4. seeing my little girl laugh at her dogs until she’s almost breathless
  5. knowing that there are people who didn’t sleep their way to the top
  6. knowing that some others did (;
  7. scaring my daughters and my friends
  8. laughing until I almost wet my pants
  9. watching old people dance together
  10. knowing that paranoid people can’t read my mind

…now how about sharing yours?

12 thoughts on “10 things that truly make me happy:

  1. 1. Feeling the weight of a sleeping baby in my arms.
    2. Coffee. Just coffee.
    3. That new car smell.
    4. A wonderful meal I didn’t cook myself.
    5. Getting mail that’s not a bill or an ad.
    6. Riding in a convertible just before the sun goes down.
    7. The feel of linens that have been hung on a clothesline to dry.
    8. A book I just can’t put down.
    9. Seeing an old friend and reconnecting like it hasn’t been years since we’ve seen each other.
    10. A hug from a loved one.


  2. 1. Getting a letter from a friend or relative the old fashioned way, by post office.
    2. Going to ANY festival in New Orleans.
    3. Any book that marks a life changing for me,
    4. My Honey Bun :~))
    5. Getting together with friends that laugh out loud.
    6. Being around ANY ONE who knows how to laugh out loud.
    7. Bible Study/ Bible talk
    8. Watching a movie with popcorn and peanuts, AND HONEY :~)).
    9. Reading to children
    10.Loving on others, and getting better at it everyday :~)).


  3. 1. People respecting that I am not a morning person.
    2, Helping others
    3. Going to Mass
    4. Dancing
    5. People minding their own business.
    6. Seeing words spelled correctly on marquees.
    7. People taking the time to spell my name corrctly.
    8. Buying new shoes.
    9. Seeing people wash their hands after blowing their nose and using the restroom.
    10. Getting a call from my chlidren.

    great post!


  4. Hi Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns!
    I know some of your readers, EdwinaEpisodes, for example. I like the dog in your avatar. We love dogs and are actively looking for a third!
    Thank you so much for following my blog yesterday (still Friday in California). Welcome!


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