Month: May 2015

“Love Locks”

Padlocks of Passion:  A Campaign Push created by Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns Today I read an article about the famous Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. If you’re not familiar with it, in brief, it’s the bridge that’s been adorned with approximately one million padlocks. So much so that it has earned the moniker “Love…

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Prompt: Share the Highlights

Yesterday’s Recap; 1.   NO WORK —SCHOOL’S OUT!!! 2.  had lunch with my coworkers 3.  said farewell to some great friends who are moving on to greener pastures 4.  drove past a pasture full of old nags 5.  thought of the folks retiring this year 6.  realized I can retire next year 7.  thought of…

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From the Editor-In -Chief

***written and shared by Runaway Nun and Leprechauns editor in chief*** As I was getting out at the track to get in a 3 mile walk/run, I caught a glimpse of the finger rosary that was given to me on Mother’s Day at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. I was reminded that I used to pray…

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Prompt: Share the Highlights

1.  tried to teach my little girl’s dog to jump off the bed 2.  little dog tried to jump into my arms, missed me completely and hit the floor 3.  laughed until I cried 4.  all progress with the little dog flew out the window 5.  the little dog refused to come near me all…

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Prompt: Share the Highlights

  1.  woke up to birds tweeting 2.  realized I’d slept with the window open 3.  panicked after seeing a lizard on the window sill 4.  slammed the window shut…on my finger 5.  forgot about the lizard 6.  ran to my truck in the rain 7.  slipped in a mud puddle 8.  ran back in…

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Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Wow! Run Away Nuns And Leprechauns was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Deana, over at eatpraylove(mom). She blogs about everything from her family to her faith and all the things in between that she enjoys. Her positive outlook is extremely inspirational.  Take a moment to step on over and give her a browse-…

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Thank you God!

Saturday’s are really hard for me without my Lucca so I didn’t post anything in highlights– —in a nutshell here’s how my day went… My older daughter wasn’t home when we lost Lucca but the struggle has been almost as real for her as it’s been for me. She lives and works 3,000 miles away…

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Prompt: Share the Highlights

Prompt: Share the highlights of either your morning (…. Folgers In My Cup),  your afternoon (Lunch On Me),  or your evening (Dinner Is Served) in list form and in 100 words or less  give or take a couple of words Folgers In My Cup…. woke up before my alarm went fell asleep and overslept discovered…

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Prompt: Share the highlights

Prompt: Share the highlights of either your morning (…. Folgers In My Cup),  your afternoon (Lunch On Me),  or your evening (Dinner Is Served) in list form and in 100 words or less  give or take a couple of words … Folgers in my Cup… misplaced one of my socks found my sock in my…

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