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“Love Locks”

Padlocks of Passion: kc8oLkn6i

A Campaign Push created by Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns

Today I read an article about the famous Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. If you’re not familiar with it, in brief, it’s the bridge that’s been adorned with approximately one million padlocks. So much so that it has earned the moniker “Love Lock” bridge; not to slight the padlocks which are affectionately referred to as “love locks”. The locks have been placed there by a mere fraction of the lovers who have toured this city of love. Using the bridge and the lock as a way of expressing their undying feelings for one another, they sign the locks then lock them on the bridge’s metal grills and toss the key into the beautiful Seine River below. The bridge connects the École des Beaux-Arts to the Louvre and it overlooks the Eiffel Tower.

This simply beautiful tradition, so rich in sentiment, affection, passion and devotion has come to an end. Sadly, the locks have been deemed a safety hazard and must be removed.

In a tribute to this lovely tradition and in an effort to preserve it’s foundation and dedication to undying feelings, we are creating a “padlocks of passion” campaign. This campaign is designed to afford everyone an opportunity to embrace and showcase his or her passion and affection for the person, place or thing that makes them who they are, or that drives them crazy or wild, or that completes them or that simply makes them smile. This can be you lover, your children, your parents, your favorite ice cream or your pony. Basically, you can declare your passion for whatever suits you!


1.   Purchase or pull out an old padlock

2.   Write your name and your “passion’s” name on it

3.   Snap a pic of it

4.   Email the pic to us at

5.   Attach the padlock to a chain link fence, a bridge rail grill, a park bench rail or anything/place that you can securely place it

6.   Throw the key into a river, lake, the ocean or any other large, deep body of water (no, your backyard pool doesn’t count—no take backs)

7.   Place a comment in the comments section of this post letting everyone know you’re in, where you hung your padlock and where you tossed the key

Each day we will copy, paste and upload any new pics and we will keep everyone updated on our progress.

If this takes off like we think it will, we will create an entire page dedicated to our “Padlocks of Passion” campaign. The plan is to eventually have our entire blog family featured (somewhere) by way of this campaign. Hopefully this will spread like wildfire.

Having a passion fosters love, life and hope so let’s start a blogfest of passion!!

Definition of Passion-

Strong or powerful emotion

Boundless enthusiasm: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

Strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

A person toward whom one feels strong love or sexual desire.

A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for anything

(for example a passion for music.)

See original article at:

Please invite and encourage your fellow bloggers, Facebook friends, etc., to join in. Be sure and provide them with the instructions and our email address. 

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Prompt: Share the Highlights

Yesterday’s Recap;


2.  had lunch with my coworkers

3.  said farewell to some great friends who are moving on to greener pastures

4.  drove past a pasture full of old nags

5.  thought of the folks retiring this year

6.  realized I can retire next year

7.  thought of the pasture full of old nags (hahahahaha)

8.  pulled weeds from my flower beds

9.  vowed to use lawn cloth next year

10.  thought of Tarzan after writing #9

(lawn cloth… loin cloth…you know, Tarzan’s attire… get it? oh never mind!)

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From the Editor-In -Chief

***written and shared by Runaway Nun and Leprechauns editor in chief***

As I was getting out at the track to get in a 3 mile walk/run, I caught a glimpse of the finger rosary that was given to me on Mother’s Day at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. I was reminded that I used to pray the rosary as I walked around the track, and I wouldn’t stop walking until I prayed the entire rosary. I walked everyday and prayed the rosary everyday. When I graduate to a jog, I stopped taking the rosary with me, because as oddly as it sounds, I couldn’t think, pray and concentrate on breathing at the same time.

For those of you saying that praying the rosary is only for Catholics, you’re wrong. All of you prayer warriors, those trying to increase their prayer lives and those wanting to pray but having a hard time getting started, try using the rosary. Even if you don’t learn the prayers that we Catholics use to pray the rosary (also used to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy), use it to reflect, meditate and to simply stay focused.
An easy way to pray is to pray with A.C.T.S.
Adoration – give all praise, glory and honor to God;
Confession – confess your sins and ask for forgiveness;
Thanksgiving – there are so many reasons to be thankful that one may need another rosary if each bead were used just in this area;
Supplication – make your requests known to God – no matter how big or small.
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Prompt: Share the Highlights

1.  tried to teach my little girl’s dog to jump off the bed

2.  little dog tried to jump into my arms, missed me completely and hit the floor

3.  laughed until I cried

4.  all progress with the little dog flew out the window

5.  the little dog refused to come near me all evening

6.  didn’t trip over the little dog

7.  went to dinner and saw “Picture Perfect 2” with my favorite girls.

8.  laughed out loud throughout the movie

9.  almost peed my pants while laughing (I gotta get that checked)

10.  vowed to get “that” checked

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Prompt: Share the Highlights



1.  woke up to birds tweeting

2.  realized I’d slept with the window open

3.  panicked after seeing a lizard on the window sill

4.  slammed the window shut…on my finger

5.  forgot about the lizard

6.  ran to my truck in the rain

7.  slipped in a mud puddle

8.  ran back in to change

9.  thought about the lizard

10.  decided that the mud look was in until the lizard was out and drove on in to work

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Versatile Blogger Award!!!


Wow! Run Away Nuns And Leprechauns was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Deana, over at eatpraylove(mom). She blogs about everything from her family to her faith and all the things in between that she enjoys. Her positive outlook is extremely inspirational.  Take a moment to step on over and give her a browse- I’m sure you’ll be glad that you did.

THANK YOU eatpraylove(mom)!

So here are the rules:

  •  First of all thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to their blog.
  •  Then nominate some fellow bloggers for the award.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

So here are the nominees :

1.  chrllrob

2. Painting On Scars

3. 140 characters is usually enough

4. Adoption=

5. muddied thoughts

..and here are seven things about me

1.  I am afraid of tree frogs, lizards and mice

2. I’ve always been a morning person

3. I totally and completely adore sarcasm

4. I totally and completely agree that laughter is the best medicine

5. The older I get the more I look (and behave) like my mom (which is actually pretty cool)

6. My children are the wings beneath my wings

7. Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns is actually a two-person blog: one of the two people –without any name calling or finger pointing— is the silent partner; but I guess I’ll be kind enough to share this award anyway… this time.  🙂

Now please go check out the bloggers I nominated. For one reason or another I am an avid follower of each and you’re likely to find something intriguing about them too.