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                                               Writer’s block

I’ve started and “un-started” writing several times today. Is this what’s referred to as writer’s block? But I thought you had to be a writer to get that. Oh wait, I  just finished writing my first short story- does that make me a writer or does it have to be published first? I have no idea how that goes so for now I’ll just say this—- I finished writing a short story yesterday and today I’m having a hard time writing a post for our blog. Since I’m new at blog writing too maybe this is normal “bloggers block”— At any rate I have several questions which I’ll list here then wait patiently for help…

  1. how many stories, books, articles, etc. do I have to write to be considered a writer?

  2. how many need to be published before I’m considered a writer?

  3. does the fact that I post to this blog make me a writer?

  4. if this is not “writer’s block” what is it and when will it go away?

  5. if this is “writer’s block” how long will it last?

Thank you so much for your input. 


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2 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. These are the questions of the universe…
    1. You already are a writer. Just like in acting you can wonder when you are an actress or you can simply BE an actress. Accept your talents and gifts as they reveal themselves to you. You are a writer when you write and express yourself. Being a writer has nothing to do with how many people read your book, posts, blog, letters ect., and everything to do with self expression and self worth. Believe in yourself, write from your soul, and write for yourself!
    2. The definition of writer’s block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.
    You wrote this post and you are asking the right questions but perhaps you should stop question what you should do and embrace what is in you.

    My opinion on Writer’s block:
    a. You must consider yourself a writer to have wrtier’s block otherwise you would just be calling it a block.
    b. Try writing from a stream of conciousness. Basically take a blank page whether it be on the computer or an actual piece of paper and write everything you think. Literally just don’t stop writing. Don’t try to make complete sentences, don’t try to rhyme, just WRITE. Some of the best work you can do can come out of just doing. I encourage you to keep this exercise private because this is to unblock you. Also writing is such a solo act that should be kept safe that you can’t fully committ to letting go if someone is reading over your shoulder or if you are writing for an audience.
    c. Remember you are the first audience. Try reading your writing as if you have never seen it before.
    d. Block occurs because you put to much emphasis on the product and not on the journey. Just unblock by letting your critical guard down. There are so many stories that don’t get told because people edit themselved before they have a chance to get a first draft.
    3. It will last until you fully commit to letting go and letting God work through you. If you don’t post for weeks because you are “blocked” use that time to write for you. 4. Practical suggestions for unblocking if you are not ready for the stream of conciousness.
    a. Get a journal!
    b. Make it a daily practice to wake up and write down what you dreamed about. If you didn’t dream write your dreams.
    c. Try reading for awhile. Sometimes other people’s work can be what it takes to inspire you
    d. Pick a random part of the Bible and just start reading a passage, a page, a whole book. Some of the best writing can be found in the Bibile. Along with seeing great writing you might also find a message meant for you that God wanted you to see.
    e. Realize that maybe the block was put into your life for you to look at other talents for a bit. Maybe you were writing so much with your head down and only coming up for other peoples validation. Maybe this is a time to self reflect. Maybe it is a time to play with your daughter, wrestle your dog, learn a new recipe.

    **Let the block open up a new inspiration for you. Life is happening all around you, nothing is blocking you from living!

    Love you!


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