Super Bowlin’

So it’s almost kickoff for Super Bowl XLIX – New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks…now we’re a bit torn because while part of the crew loves football – the other, not so much. One of us will hang out with friends, while the other will read, watch tv or maybe even make more pralines. It doesn’t matter who wins, since the New Orleans Saints aren’t playing. Watching football, especially the Super Bowl, is just so exciting! My friends will have lots of snacks and drinks and have a good time talking trash about the game, the commercials and of course the halftime show.
Tell us your pick and your favorite part of Super Bowl…

2 thoughts on “Super Bowlin’

  1. What a game! What a game ! What a game!…nothing but pure excitement from beginning to end. The halftime show was a big hit…Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott were all great! Even if you don’t like Jeeps, that commercial should have really been an eye opener for all of us (this land was made for you and me – all of us)…and I absolutely loved the tortoise and the hare (oh and of course that Mercedes Benz)…so really, what about that play though – why throw the ball? Can someone please help me understand?
    And as predicted, pralines were made, as well as, meals were prepared for the week. Give me football (or anything else for that matter)!!!


  2. That game was definitely heartbreaking at the end. The halftime show was surely a big hit (it appealed to everyone), but Missy Elliott was a definite plus. Some of those commercials were questionable- I loved this land is your land, this land is my land (no matter the merchandise, everyone should take that attitude). And I liked the Doritos and the flying pig too.


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